Kukah Ideological Metamorphosis and Religion Bigotry Under Peace Advocacy Pretence

By Nurudeen Olayiwola, Ibadan.

The great body of nominal Christians may be divided into three unequal portions: materialists, spiritualists, and Christians proper.

The materialists and spiritualists make common cause against the hierarchical pretensions of the clergy; who, in retaliation, denounce both with equal acerbity.

The materialists are as little in harmony as the Christian sects themselves.

Kukah ideological metamorphosis is not far from the standard by which to compare Christian dogmas and miracles with the doctrines and phenomena of ancient magic, and the modern new dispensation as spiritualism is called by its votaries.

Kukah religion bigotry is under the test bit of fundamental nepotism and his political prejudice fall under the barometric proclamation of the political culture of futility.

Kukah is a product of; fear, terror, passion, desire, joy and envy that are six states of the mind which rule the imagination, and consequently the world of man.

Kukah needs to know that; hypocrisy is not holiness, the conceit is not power, slyness is not wisdom.

The art of deceiving and disputing, sophisticating, perverting, and misrepresenting truths may be learned in schools; but the power to recognize and to follow the truth cannot be conferred by academic degree; it comes only from the soul.

He who desires to know the truth must be able to see it, and not be satisfied with descriptions of it received from others, but be true to himself.

The highest power of the intellect, if it is not illuminated by spiritual understanding, is only a high grade of animal intellect, and will perish in time; but the intellect animated by the love of the supreme is the intellect of the spirit, and will live in eternity.

Kukah ideological metamorphosis and religion bigotry under peace advocacy pretence is nothing but the highest act of nepotism and misrepresentation of religion philosophy of human unity as well as coexistence on the planet called earth.

Kukah ideological metamorphosis and religion bigotry under peace advocacy pretence is another method of divide and rule mechanism under subjective crusade and man-made evangelism of spiritual ignorance.

Nigerians be wise.

May God help us.


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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