Ismaeel Ahmed Lauds Mai Bala Buni: Describes Him “As Dedicated To Duty”, and “Passionate About Young People”

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and its Youth Leader, has described the Chairman of the party’s Caretaker and Convention Committee, Mai Bala Buni, on his 53rd birthday as a leader who is dedicated to duty, and a man who is hardworking and passionate about young people.

In a message he released on the 53rd birthday of the APC’s leader, Ismaeel stated that Mai Bala Buni was a man who gave his all to any assignment, and would give a listening and attentive ear to any matters that affected young people of the party.

“Mai Bala Buni is a dedicated hard-worker. He is never absent when you need him.” Ismaeel said. “Since he took on this thankless assignment, he has given it his all — even while ensuring that other assignments on his desk are not neglected.

“Matters affecting the youth and the young people of our party are treated as a priority to Mai Bala. He will give a listening and attentive ear whenever youth-related matters are brought before him; and ultimately ensure that they are resolved.

“On his 53rd birthday, I wish him many more years of greatness, of fulfilment and of peace and joy.” Ismaeel wrote.


Tunde Alade

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