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Probe CUPP’s call for Coup against Judiciary – Group

The statement by Imo Ugochinyere of the Coalition of United Political Partes (CUPP) seeking to compel the judiciary to do the bidding of his group and declare Atiku as President of Nigeria is a subtle call for rebellion against the judiciary and the Nigerian State, and must be addressed seriously by the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Making the call in a press statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) said Imo Ugochinyere’s call was an incitement, calling for rebellion against the processes of the judiciary, and seeking that Nigeria is plunged into chaos.

This, according to the group, must not be treated with kids gloves by the nation’s security agencies.

“Are there no law enforcement agencies in the country? Is this not a prima facie call to rebellion and anarchy? Are we going to wait for hired thugs to attack the judiciary before we see where the PDP and Atiku are headed to?

“BMO finds the call by the rogue group CUPP, seeking that the Supreme Court declare Atiku President as a joke taken too far. It subtly calls for anarchy and must not be tolerated by the Nigerian State.

“The judiciary has its processes, President Buhari was declared the winner in a free and fair election. The closest loser, Atiku Abubakar, who was far behind him with a margin of nearly 4 million votes, has challenged Buhari’s victory in court. Atiku must, therefore, submit himself to the processes of the court and not use charlatan groups to call for a rebellion against the Nigerian state.

“The court processes are not influenced by third parties who have no business in the arena. CUPP’s satellite relationship with Atiku is no ground for it to make such seditious remarks against the judiciary, on a matter that is already in court. Justice is a matter of evidence, material facts and law – not anarchy, not chaos, not up-ending the system!”

BMO called on the country’s security agencies to quickly swoop on Imo Ugochinyere and investigate the intent of his subtle call for anarchy and rebellion against the judiciary and the Nigerian state.

“We call for the immediate investigation of Ugochinyere’s remarks asking the judiciary to declare Atiku President by our security agencies. We must not give room for such seditious remarks to go un-investigated and unpunished. Nigeria is a country governed by laws.

“We also call on the judiciary not to be moved by the comments of such motor-park politicians who are sponsored by sinister elements seeking to create instability in the Nigerian State.”

BMO stated that it was certain the nation’s judiciary was clear-headed and would not be shaken by such repulsive commentary.

“We believe in the Nigerian judiciary, alongside a great majority of Nigerians, and thus we are confident that they would remain focused on the issues at hand, and disregard repulsive and rebellious comments from the PDP and its rogue agents.”

The group further stated that the PDP, seeing the poor performances of its witnesses, their inconsistencies, the apparent falsehood in their testimonies at the tribunal, had now resorted to throwing innuendoes calling for anarchy in the country.

“The clowning by the PDP’s witnesses have shown Nigerians the joke that the PDP is. At the Tribunal it has brought more comical theatrics than it has presented credible evidence and facts. It very much knows that it has no case, and thus no serious legal work is being brought forward. We advise PDP, Atiku and their lawyers to take a career in Nollywood; they perhaps may make a good case there.”


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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