When Dino Speaks …..!

“Character is the garment that bestows our honour, or the reverse.” It speaks volumes, even when we choose silence. The narrative of character essentialism is not relative, and it is one of the few consistent across the human race.

Unless subjectivity becomes our guide, a man’s character directs our decisions about him and everything that concerns him. On that note, as much as I try, it becomes increasingly urgent that I lend my voice to his public humiliation, even if you won’t hear it but will read from it.

When DINO speaks, discerning minds ignore, or at best find amusement in, his display of empty context, value-eluded thoughts, and hustle-laden spirit. Not DINO, not him, never! He is off the list. He needs to be qualified, far from the class of those whose words and concerns would attract or court our attention.

We get content when DINO speaks; when DINO speaks, we are so excited that another uninvited entertainment creeps in very loudly; though it can be embarrassing, we will manage it along the flow.

Not you, sir, DINO, not you; you are far from the picture we would seek reverence from. Your days of paid relevance are long over.

If I were you, I would quietly find my way back to the Collation Center and wear a hat of respect and honour for the first time, at least pretend to have, hoping that Nigerians can pretend to forget your history of the meaningless character.

If you fail to heed counsel and succeed, along with other greedy, unguided minds, in fomenting chaos, it will surely be one case too many to overlook.

Grow up, and let us be in peace.

Barat Fadilu Ajibola

Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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