The Double standard and unprofessionalism of the CNN in covering events in the US and Nigeria

By Ahmed Doumbouya

Protesters blocked Lekki Toll Gate and disrupted all worthy activities, they were called “protesters.”

Protesers stormed the Capitol in protests of the election rigging by the Democrats, But CNN said they were threatening democracy.

Nigerian military used rubber bullets to disperse anarchists at Lekki Toll Gate  the bastardised CNN called for probe. 

American military used live bullets on peaceful the Capitol protesters and killed 5 of them, the CNN shamelessly hailed the military for defending democracy in America .

Nigeria froze the accounts of the promoters of EndSars arsonists, CNN called it an abuse of “human rights.”

America arrested 64 persons who protested against “rigging” and charged for attempted coup; the dangerous CNN hailed the US troops that killed some of them and call for more supports.

EndSars protesters and promoters  are going about their normal routines in Nigeria, while protesters in America are losing their jobs for having the temerity to protest.

Those that blocked  Lekki Toll Gate, set fire on buildings, looted shops, killed policemen and prevented others from looking for daily bread were called “protesters” by the UK government. 

Those that protested peacefully with their flags in America were killed and called “hooligans” by the UK. So much about hooligans.

The founder of Twitter and facebook opened accounts for those that protested in Nigeria, they allowed lies and hatred to be spread through their platforms. What double standard.

The founder of Twitter and Facebook blocked the account of Trump so that he won’t incite people to VIOLENCE.  This is more than double standard, it is endless bad standard.

Americans are defending their country, Nigerians are destroying their country.

When we defended this great country from the children of perdition we are called names, hope they will learn from the American episode. 


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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