Tinubu Is A Great Listener

By Hajia Musawa

One of the most positive attributes of a great leader is the ability to listen to others. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a great listener, he is willing to listen to the cries of Nigerians and proffer solutions to tackle and overcome challenges. He is a man of value who stands on a platform of principles and merit. His commendable records and achievements in Lagos State exemplify just a fraction to his plans to steer Nigeria in the right direction towards employment, a secure Nation, productivity, and gross national domestic output.

As the governor of Lagos, he was passionate, had a plan for success, was positive, resourceful, and loved to serve. From inception as the Chief Executive, he created an inspiring vision for the future of the state, motivated and inspired people to engage with that vision and perfectly managed delivery of the vision.

As governor, he inspired through his sheer energy and force of personality to create the advanced entity Lagos has become. Among some of the advances he brought to Lagos was the modernization of government machinery with the adoption of e-governance system. He re-engineered the finance of the state government by improving the remittances of government revenues through technology leading to rapid increase in Internally Generated Revenue of the state from N600m monthly to N8billion by the time he left office. Today the IGR has grown exponentially to over N50b monthly using the same system he put in place.

Tinubu redesigned public transportation system by establishing Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) as the coordinating agency for the state’s intermodal transport system. He subsequently launched the Bus Rapid Transport system. Tinubu’s administration modernized hospitals and upgraded schools. He transformed the Lekki Corridor in Lagos by turning it into a gold mine for massive investments. These are just a few from the plethora of innovations he introduced in Lagos and does not begin to scratch the surface of his achievements.

The entire trajectory of Lagos would have been different if Bola Ahmed Tinubu hadn’t come to power in 1999. As a president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will communicate effectively by delegating responsibilities and offer appropriate and targeted responses to the concerns of Nigerians.

As a president, he will be resilient and show composure in guiding the nation through any challenge. As a president, he will make balanced, viable and feasible decisions. As a president, he will utilise edification to empower all demographics in Nigeria.

As a president, he will promote innovation, be accountable, and have a positive attitude. As a president, he will have grace under pressure, show courage and character while remaining focused. As a president, he will make judicious use of natural resources, ensure regional development, and promote equality. As a president, he will create a society where human potentials will thrive; a society where there will be economic prosperity, security, peace and harmony.

A decent, honourable, kind, empathetic, and charming man, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will mold his personality traits with actions that will inspire others to want to follow his nationalistic desire to build bridges and unite a prosperous nation.

The motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. Bola Ahmed Tinubu will bring all this into his leadership as the President of Nigeria by working together for the common goal and good of all Nigerians.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is bold, brave and tireless in his resolve to take on the Nigerian project. And through leadership by example, he will articulate a consistent vision with conviction backed by action… not just words!

– Hajia Musawa, a Lawyer and Columnist is Deputy Director, Public Affairs, TinubuShettima Presidential Campaign Council


Tunde Alade

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