Ode to PHRC

By Ahmed Dikko

The Sun rises on this beauty,

PHRC; Nigeria’s largest oil refinery,

She sits majestic in Nigeria’s Delta

Once the pride of her father, And greatly revered by her brothers

Her gold flare made the children awe

And the sound of her bubbling made the communities rejoice.

Who has not heard of Great PHRC?

Of her resilient and dexterous staff

Who in their unity have kept her alive

Through her fiery furnace,

She made birds fly and horses race

Her produce traversed the Atlantic

Her commerce and modus operandi

Nations the knowledge sought.

Presidents, Governors, School Pupils,

She has seen them all

Miners sought her treasure

Her uncles plotted to marry her out,

Stripped of her birthright and left to bleed away,

Yet she stands with her shoulders high,

Ever ready to make her father proud.

The Sun shines on this beauty

PHRC; Nigeria’s largest oil refinery

For your shame shall be covered

Your birthright restored.

After your surgery,

Port Harcourt Refinery Company

You shall dish your produce

And will never be downtrodden

Because Muhammadu Buhari has spoken

And Mele Kyari directs it

Your Sun shall shine again!

Ahmed Dikko is the 13th Managing Director of Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited (PHRC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC.


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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