AFTERMATH OF AKANDE’S RIGHT OF REPLY: Nigerians mock Dele Momodu for blocking people on Twitter

It is hypocrisy at its peak.

Dele Momodu has been mocked by many Nigerians for blocking them on Twitter after calling him out for fake news and lies that he peddles regularly.

It appeared that some Nigerians had had enough of the veteran journalist and were not going to allow him to continue to deceive people on social media anymore.

On Sunday Momodu, who has often been criticized and corrected for spreading fake news said he would block those who called him out for peddling lies against Mr. Laolu Akande, spokesperson to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“My main tweet of the day… why do trolls get angry when you block them; they come on your TL, like mannerless people, rain insults at you, and expect you to say “thank you for abusing me…” Jokers!!!” he tweeted before going on a blocking spree.

Reacting to Mr. Momodu blocking him, Tracy Chels wrote, “Dele Momodu is PDP 100%. This is one of the characteristics of PDP members, blocking anyone who speaks the truth.”

Kemisola Adekunle tried to make Mr. Momodu see reasons why blocking people is not the most idealistic thing to do. “How would you get feed backs on your posts when you block people that don’t support your views? I’m sure those ones you block are those who don’t submit to your views.”

Ibn Hanbal says Mr. Momodu should act more upright. “It is so sad Dele that you block people. With your civility and education, I expect you to correct him.

“Perhaps he may live in future to be a version of you. Give people opportunity to learn from you. Don’t block them because you famous. Fame is a gift,” he said.

David Olatunde posed a question to Mr. Momodu. “How many people would he block? He doesn’t need to block anyone.”

There were others who blasted Mr. Momodu because he built his career on criticizing people and he was not blocked.

“The man is a joke, he should not be taken seriously at all. He has insulted a lot of respectable people in the past and was never blocked. He has lost any integrity he had left.”


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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