Group Commend FIRS Chairman, Nami On Fiscal Prudence And Improved Staff Welfare

The Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, (FIRS) has received encomiums from the Global Economic Policy Initiative (GEPIn) for what the group described as “fiscal prudence over the affairs of the FIRS, and ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal resources.”

In a statement shared to the media by the President of the group, Mr Bernard Okri on Wednesday, the group stated that the despite the FIRS having a limited budget to carry out the humongous task of collecting revenue for the Federation it has been able to deliver by prudent use of its resources including its human capital.

“We are in awe at how the FIRS Chairman has managed scarce resources in his limited budget to get the work done. With over 12,000 staff across the country, and over 350 offices, the FIRS is one of the country’s largest agencies, yet with a very lean purse to achieve its mandate. What is stunning is that despite the limited budget it has, it is delivering on the humungous task of collecting revenue for the Federation without fault.

“The FIRS collection of N6.405 trillion for the year 2021, the highest sum the Service has ever collected did not go unnoticed in the finance and economy sectors.

“We are proud of the work Mr. Muhammad Nami is doing. It is not unsurprising that he has been renowned for his forthrightness, transparency and accountability in the management of the Service, qualities that have earned led him to the successes the FIRS is enjoying.”

Mr Bernard stated that under the Nami administration money was not being wasted on frivolous expeditions, but that resources are being channeled into productive activities that benefit the service, especially those that made the staff motivated.

“Instead of hiring consultants, the FIRS is developing in-house systems and solutions to achieve maximum results. Mr. Muhammad Nami is ensuring that Staff of the FIRS are not redundant. That they are being put to good use and are motivated to do their job.

“For instance, the TaxPro Max software that the FIRS developed in-house was the work of staff who were handsomely rewarded for the feat.

“By our estimates, this TaxPro Max has saved the FIRS close to N75 billion that would ordinarily have been spent on consultants or lost to poor collection methods.

“We are also aware that the FIRS under Muhammad Nami is taking the issue of early payment of salaries and bonuses, as well as the improved human capital development programs seriously.”

The group commended Mr. Nami for being a “passionate, patriotic and a highly cerebral Nigerian who has consistently shown dedication to duty, and service while committing his time and energy to the betterment of Nigeria’s development.”

Mr. Okri however implored Nami to not relent or allow his traducers detract him, noting that this was bound to come.

The GEPIn President stated that the FIRS Executive Chairman must continue to work hard to meet future revenue targets and reposition the Service.

Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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