NBA Leading Aspirant J-K Gadzama Beats Y.C. Maikyau In Online Poll

J-K Gadzama SAN, Nigeria’s leading lawyer and philanthropist took his first win in the run to the June 16 2022 NBA Presidential election.

In an online poll hosted by a Twitter user, @Scarfizal, which featured over 700 votes, J-K Gadzama SAN won 43% of the total votes cast, as against 36% scored by the nearest candidate, Y.C. Maikyau SAN.

While 13% voted “none of them”, the remaining 8% said they were confused as to who to vote.

This poll heralds the commencement of a fierce battle that would take place between the candidates running for the position of the NBA President.

Comments on the Poll showed that both candidates were indeed leading aspirants for the NBA’s top job. With some seeing J-K Gadzama SAN as a reformer and visionary leader, while others hailed Y.C. Maikyau for his humility.

A user, @chudkwudaluMorah described J-K Gadzama as one of the few legal practitioners in Nigeria with penchant for transformation of law practice and hailed him for the manner “of rendering professional services to ensure global competitiveness of Nigeriain players.”

Another, @SeyreefHassan tweeted: “@J_KGadzama, consistently has shown prime leadership. He’s presently doing same with the NBA-Security Agencies Relations Committee. Our votes, we dedicate to you, sir. They have been earned through dint of sheer visionary and leadership prowess.”

@JoyceUgo2 wrote: “I will go for Gadzama having heard positive things about him. His type is even what we want in Nigeria to make it the Nigeria of our dream. Our NBA would achieve more positive strides under his leadership.”

@Pauchifritz a staunch supporter of Y.C Maikyau SAN wrote: “When you meet the man Y.C. Maikyau SAN you will be amazed at his humility and impeccable intellect. Read his arguments in RE ABDULLAHI Part 1639 to get a snippet of his beautiful mind and how that decision has expanded our criminal jurisprudence.”

The poll has however been criticised by some online users for not capturing another contestant, Jonathan Taidi, who has also indicated interest to run for the office.


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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