Niger Delta Power Holding Company Alleged Dirty Deals Exposed

There are claims that the Executive Director (Engineering and Technical Services) of Niger Delta Power Holding Development Company Limited (NDPHC), Mr Ifeoluwa Oyedele, is allegedly making efforts to unseat the Managing Director, Mr Chiedu Ugbo from office.

Findings showed that Enginner Oyedele, who assumed position in 2016, has vowed to use his connections and influence as a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to malign the image of Mr Ugbo.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari, in 2016, appointed Mr. Ugbo as Managing Director of NDPHC and Mr Oyedele, as the Executive Director (Engineering and Technical Services), respectively.

The appointment followed the dissolution of the James Abiodun Olotu-led management.

Recent happenings within the company however revealed that Mr Oyedele is not happy with the appointment of Mr Ugbo as the Managing Director.

Engineer Oyedele and Malam Babayo Shehu, Executive Director (Finance and Administration), are framing him up on unfound allegations.

One of Mr Oyelede’s mission is to sponsor a faceless group to submit a petition to the Federal House of Representatives, accusing Mr Ugbo of financial discrepancies.

Mr Oyedele had accused Mr Ugbo of abdicating his authority to Mrs Nkechi Mba, the General Manager of Procurement.

These allegations follow Mr Ugbo’s refusal to yield to the tunes of Mr. Oyedele and Mr Shehu to allow them breach the public procurement act, and initiate inappropriate award process for the procurement of goods and services.

Mr Ugbo’s strong adherence to due process and diligent financial transaction has earned him enemies who are hell bent on frustrating his stay in the office and have vowed to use their influence in the Aso Villa to remove him from office.

Thus, efforts made by Mr Ugbo to ensure power stations under constructions across the country are completed are being countered by Mr Oyedele and Mr Shehu.

The many sins of Mr Ugbo, as been allegedly confessed by Mr Oyedele to his friends include Mr Ugbo’s continued opposition to the unprofessional manner procurement is being handled and the many illegalities being committed by Mr Oyedele and Mr Shehu.

Mr Oyedele confessed to his friends that on different occasions, Mr Ugbo has stopped the award of “loaded and frivolous” contracts unilaterally processed for award by him.

These contracts planned using incompetent companies are drain pipes aimed at siphoning the resources of the company.

Mr Oyedele’s alleged dubious effort to blackmail Mrs. Mba to succumb to his will met a brick wall.

The refusal of Mba to yield to his request resorted to personal attack against her person and the Managing Director, which has already been described as “completely false and lacking in substance and a mere exercise of the twisted imagination”.

With the coast not clear for Mr Oyedele to orchestrate his inappropriate award process, all his wrongful allegations against Mr Ugbo has been debunked by, Yakubu Lawal, the NDPHC general manager, communications and public relations.

Responding to the allegations of improper procurement and breach of the public procurement act, Lawal said the company had been using the services of the current law firms before the appointment of the new executives.

On the installation of CCTV at two power plants, Mr. Lawal explained that Chubas Ideal Communications Limited, the company involved, was asked to survey and suggest security equipment required at the plants.

He said, however, the company went ahead to fix the cameras without approval from NDPHC. However, when management refused to pay for the equipment since there was no contract; Chubas reported its non-payment to the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC).

“As part of its efforts to resolve the matter, NDPHC decided to pay for the work done, but only upon audit and verification of the works,” Lawal explained.

Also on the contract for the construction of the Ugwuaji road in the “princely sum” of N649, 218, 186.90, lawal said contract for the road is yet to be awarded by NDPHC.

According to him, the road leads to a town that hosts one of the major transmission substations constructed by NDPHC and in which NDPHC still maintains a large warehouse.

“The road was seriously damaged during the construction process. NDPHC’s heavy equipment and machinery continue to ply the road. This has been a source of agitation for repair of the road by the host community,” he said


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