Rescued Schoolboys: UN’s Solidarity Message Inspirational – BMO

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has described the congratulatory message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations to President Muhammadu Buhari following the rescue of the 344 Kankara Schoolboys as inspirational.

Mr. Antonio Guterres had on December 19, 2020, lauded the swift action taken by the Buhari Government to rescue the students while calling for the immediate and unconditional release of those still in captivity.

In a statement signed by Niyi Akinsiju, the group’s Chairman, and Cassidy Madueke, its Secretary, the group attributed the UN Secretary-General’s solidarity message to President Buhari to global recognition and acknowledgement of the administration’ efficient disposition and demonstrable resolve to secure lives and properties of all Nigerian citizens despite the challenges and limited resources.

BMO applauded the UN for recognizing the Nigerian security forces’ extraordinary effort to secure the students’ release and the Buhari administration for providing the leadership, which made a difference under the situation.

“Leadership is the difference; leadership made the difference. President Buhari demonstrated courage and willpower to rescue the kidnapped boys, and we are indeed pleased that the apex global body acknowledges this quality.”

The group also described the UN’s call to provide the rescued students and their families with the necessary health and psychological support as appropriate, while the call for increased efforts to safeguard schools and educational facilities in the country is consistent with the Buhari administration’s resolve.

“We will take advantage of every opportunity to congratulate the President and our security forces for their gallantry in rescuing the Kankara Schoolboys. They have displayed uncommon courage and made history by the swift manner of their effort, which reunited the boys with their families. We shall not tire of celebrating our gallant soldiers for returning the boys without any one of them getting hurt. We salute their professionalism and patriotism.”

BMO reassured Nigerians of the capability and willingness of the Buhari administration to safeguard the lives of every citizen and resident while denouncing those who attempted to discredit the Government by holding rallies demanding the release of the kidnapped boys at a critical moment when the nation’s security personnel were conducting a secret mission to rescue them without using violence. BMO described the protesters’ action as unpatriotic and one capable of jeopardizing the operation and risking the lives of the students at a time they were most vulnerable.

“Patriotism entails solidarity with the Government and Security Forces in times of national emergencies. We commend groups and individuals, local and foreign governments, and global institutions that solidarised with the Nigerian Government during this brief moment of national grief. We also condemn the action of the unpatriotic few who attempted to take advantage of the situation for self-promotion or profit. We charge them to take advantage of the graces of this festive period to seek the face of God and join hands with the Buhari Government as it grapples with security, economic revival, and infrastructural renewal in the post-Covid-19 era.”


Tunde Alade

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