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Buhari is Father of Modern Nigeria Democracy – BMO

The Buhari Media Organization has described President Muhammadu Buhari as the father of Nigeria’s modern day democracy for his masterstroke declaration of June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day, and righting the wrongs and ills of 25 years of a faulty democratic foundation.

The group, in a statement by Chairman Austin Braimoh and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, described the President as the true hero of democracy, noting that he has set high standards of political maturity and established that the will of the people must be respected in Nigeria.

“President Buhari has established that under him, votes would count, even where they were illegally discountenanced, they would count, and honour would be ascribed to those who deserve it.

“The President’s move has proven his critics and their baseless opinions about him wrong. President Buhari has not just claimed to espouse and embrace democratic ideals, he has gone ahead to set worthy and enviable standards for democracy in Nigeria.” the statement read.

The group noted that the President, unlike his predecessors, has not interfered with any state or local government elections with the apparatus of state, but rather he has allowed for free and fair elections dictated by the will of the people to take place under him.

The statement went further to highlight that the President’s insistence on the holding of Party Congresses in the APC in the bid to ensure true intra-party democracy is further proof of his demonstration of democratic ideals worthy of recognition.

“No President in Nigeria has shown a truer embrace and practice of democracy as President Buhari has. His respect for the principles that every vote must count, that the will of the people must not be thwarted and that democratic institutions must be upheld has been further expressed in his declaration that June 12 will be the new Democracy Day; there is no gainsaying that President Buhari is the father of Nigeria’s modern democracy.”


Tunde Alade

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