Analysis of the Massive Financial Corruption at the PDP Primary/National Convention

Written by Sirajo Sabo Gassol.

There are at least 4,000 delegates participating in PDP’s presidential primary election. Saraki is paying each delegate $1,000 (N350,000), that is potentially $4Million (N1.4 Billion) for delegates alone, his opening bid as at yesterday. Atiku opened his own bid at $5,000 (N1,750,000) per delegate, or $20,000,000 (N7 Billion) for all the delegates. Nyesom Wike was paying $10,000 per delegate, or $40,000,000 (N14,000,000,000) for delegates alone. These figures were part of the early bids as at yesterday. Nobody knows how much they finally paid, but some inside sources said it’s been up to $15,000 (N5,250,000) per delegate.

There are at least 12 aspirants contesting in this election, and by the time they’re done hundreds of billions of naira must have changed hands. Only that they’re not spending it in naira, they’re spending it in dollars. When we told you that the recession that happened due to the hoarding of dollars and depletion of our foreign reserves and excess crude account was caused by the PDP you denied…

So where did they get the dollars they’re spending now from? How many of them have any private business that generates so much wealth? Or are they simply spending money belonging to poor people? What exactly are they buying that they have to spend so much? Is it only vote they’re buying or our future with it? Are these the same bunch of hypocrites who like to release press statements condemning vote buying when election does not go their way but who are shamelessly buying votes right under our noses? Can we honestly expect anything good from this same characters who said they have repented and that we should forgive them their sins but who have not shown any sign of repentance at all? How exactly will they “change the change” if they have not even changed their own corrupt ways?

The signs are always there, right before our very own eyes. Everything to show that the one who promises El Dorado is nothing but a fraud, but we almost always chose to ignore them because of our own prejudice and personal interests. How exactly is a Saraki, a Tambuwal, a Kwankwoso, an Atiku who is being sponsored by money stolen from poor people better than a Buhari who was voted in by the ordinary masses of Nigeria without a single dime changing hands? I trust some of you would like to remind me that when Buhari first came into power that he was sponsored by stolen money too, but you’re saying that that Buhari should give way for someone better… So how exactly is the one you’re supporting today better? Would you not rather stick with the “devil” you know than the wolves in sheep clothing that we all know are even far worse?

If you think Buhari is bad then wait for Kwankwoso, wait for Atiku, wait for Saraki and wait for Tambuwal. These are people who have no pity for the poor. At least Buhari pities the poor, which is why he pays them NPOWER, gives their children free feeding in school, gives them conditional cash transfers, invests heavily in food production through his agric revolution, gives bailouts to state governments to pay salaries, and refused to devalue the naira…

So, if you see all that and say Buhari is bad then wait for a people who have no respect for poor people. Saraki is today the Senate President, what has he done to restructure the country which is a constitutional matter? What has he done to improve the welfare of poor people? Tambuwal is today the governor of Sokoto State, should he not first transform Sokoto State before coming to ask for a bigger responsibility? When he was speaker of the House of Reps, what did he do about the restructuring he’s deceiving us with today? That one called Atiku was the most powerful Vice President in Nigerian history, yet only used his powers to enrich himself and his cronies at the expense of the poor masses.

Listen to them talk today, none of them says anything about corruption… Is that because corruption is dead in Nigeria or because they simply do not have the moral ground to speak against it? None of them tells us what they’re going to do to strengthen institutions like the police, judiciary, INEC etc… None of them has any clearcut plan on the economy, security, restructuring, power supply, job creation, education, healthcare, restructuring. The only thing they say is “Buhari has failed, we’re going to do better because he who failed woefully before have repented”, even though there is no evidence to that.

I just pity the gullible wailers who don’t know their left from their right, this is why these people are playing them like football.

Sirajo Sabo Gassol.


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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