Nigerians On Social Media Rejects PDP’s Apology, Asks Party To Return Looted Funds

Nigerians On Social Media Rejects PDP’s Apology, Asks Party To Return Looted Funds


Nigerians who use micro blogging site, Twitter have rejected the apology of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),  asking the party to return the wealth of the country it looted during her 16 year reign in power.


Their verdict was made known in an online poll conducted by popular blogger, Abubakar Sidiq Usman through his Twitter account:  @MrAbuSidiq.

It would be recalled that the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus had last week apologised to Nigwrians for what it described as its wrongdoings, promising to do better if elected in 2019.


He said, “We made mistakes. On behalf of my colleagues and members of these party, I apologise to Nigerians.


“We have learnt from our mistakes. It was all part of our evolution process. Without it, there can be no maturity. I believe that PDP is more matured, to provide the best for this country.”


But the outcome of the three part poll conducted by blogger Abu Sidiq reveals that Nigerians are not yet ready to accept the apology of the party.


In one of the polls where Nigerians were asked if they accept the apology of the PDP, 79% of the 2768 respondents answered NO, while only 21% said they accepted their apology.


Tajudeen Olaniyi, one of the respondents on the poll wrote that they will be forgiven in 2030, While Aisha Abubakar who also commented on the poll said “actions are judged based on intentions. They’re only doing this because elections is around the corner. Never again…”


On his part, Sani Labbo Raha said “Let them admit that they have stolen our Commonwealth before asking for apology,” while Akiri Francis posed a question in replying to the poll saying “are they apologizing for 2019 sake or there are really remorseful? If yes, then they should itemize the wrong doings of 16 years. Or is it in totality?


In the second poll where 1140 persons voted, 94% said they prefer the return of the stolen wealth which occurred under the 16 year rule of the PDP as against the 6% who voted that they prefer accepting the apology of the PDP than the return of the stolen wealth.





On the last poll where the question of whether the PDP should list the wrongdoings it is apologizing for, 87% of the 531 voters responded yes, while only 13% responded no.

Agboola Babalola who commented on the poll thread is of the opinion that should not be apologizing since they have never accepted commuting any wrongdoing.


“But they said they have never been wrong, so what are the apologizing for? This is confusion and I’m not understanding,” he said.


On his part, Aguba Bright Peter said “their apology is long over due and right now, an apology won’t change the price of fuel… Nigeria needs solution to things.. not we know we messed up.. if they want to make up for their actions, they should help the present government turn things round… #whatcanyouoffer.”


But coming from a different angle, Odili Friday is of the opinion that many of those who wrecked the country under PDP are now in APC.


“Hahaha I laughed bcus those who wrecked the country under the umbrella are now with broom which ll be used to clear our remaining patrimony, ” he said.


Olaojo Olufemi Abraham on his part said “PDP killed this nation and APC is burying it.”


Tunde Alade

Tunde is a political Enthusiast who loves using technology to impact his immediate community by providing accurate data and news items for the good of the country.

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